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 Post subject: The Taint
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:28 pm 
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This thread is for showing my first custom set, The Taint.


Set Information

Central Theme, In One Word: Poison
New Mechanics: Recast/Curses, Poisonous
Returning Mechanics: Cumulative Upkeep, Kicker, Entwine, Provoke
Mechanics Considered "Evergreen": World Enchantments, Hybrids, Split Cards

Last Official Set Prior: Coldsnap
Date Started: July 24, 2006
Date Finished: March 29th, 2007
First Official Set After: Planar Chaos
Set Size: 179
Set Symbol:

Other Contributors: BigGator5, Wordsmyth
Original Discussion:
Art?: Yes, some NSFW.
Playtesting?: None.
Templates Used: Modern, Modern Extended Art, Modern Splits, Modern Tokens

Developer Commentary: The Taint was my first, right after discovering Magic Set Editor in the summer of 2006. On the one hand, I made numerous choices that I now recognize as design mistakes, but at the same time, I'm glad I made them for the opportunities to learn that they afforded me. I treated many expert level keywords and mechanics as being evergreen, I used whatever art I could find, and I brought back old mechanics like the world supertype and cumulative upkeep just for the sake of being archaic. I've never gone back and tried to fix up The Taint with what I know, because, frankly, it is so terrible that I wouldn't know where to begin. But, I'm still glad I made it, and it's still the first completed set I'm posting here.

Card Showcases:

The central mechanic of the set is poison. There are a number of cards in the set that interact both with poison counters and with creatures that have the poisonous keyword. Poison counters may be removed as costs, counted as a part of effects, or even handed out in a manner similar to direct damage.


There are even a selection of non-basic lands at each rarity that interact with poison counters.


The set features a new mechanic called Recast. Recast was used entirely on Auras. These Auras are really meant to be Curses, with each one being based on a curse from the game Diablo 2.


World Enchantments make a return, with there being a cycle of "Songs", each with the Cumulative upkeep keyword.


And finally, what set would be complete without some interesting rares?


The Taint (Censored).mse-set [2.36 MiB]
Downloaded 155 times

The Taint [6.87 MiB]
Downloaded 149 times

Odds of Dying - 1:1
My Custom Set List

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