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 Post subject: Enigma
PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:16 pm 
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This thread is for showing my second custom set, Enigma.

Set Information

Central Theme, In One Word: Choices
New Mechanics: Spellmorph, Jynx
Returning Mechanics: Morph, Flip Cards, Kicker
Mechanics Considered "Evergreen": World Enchantments, Hybrids, Fortifications, Poison

Last Official Set Prior: Planar Chaos
Date Started: March 31st, 2007
Date Finished: June 16th, 2008
First Official Set After: Shadowmoor
Set Size: 180
Set Symbol:

Original Discussion:
Art?: None.
Playtesting?: None.
Templates Used: Modern, Modern Flips, Modern Tokens

Developer Commentary: Enigma represents a large step forward in my skill in card design. It was the first appearance of what I called "frame fillers" that are now used as the default images in modern styled templates. The use of the default images was due to my desire to focus on mechanics and flavor without having to concern myself with finding effect illustrations to use. This permitted me to use Magic specific tribes like Vedalken, as well as facilitating the return of Morph. I still treated some mechanics as evergreen, such as World, but that continued for a long time.

Card Showcases:

The central mechanic of the set is "choices" - in particular, giving players choices in how they play their cards. Almost every card in the set can be used in at least two different ways. From simple creatures with morph, to charms with spellmorph, to lands that can be played flipped to give access to different colors of mana, Enigma is all about having options. And of course, if you have options, you'll keep your opponents guessing!


The most common mechanic in Enigma is the returning keyword, Morph.


Morph has some new tricks up its sleeve as well, though. It can appear on Enchantments, and even on Auras.


There's also a cycle of creatures with Morph that have different abilities depending on whether you cast them normally or morph them.


And of course, some fun cards to interact with morph and face-down permanents!


Joining morph in its triumphant return is kicker. There are five cycles of kicker cards in the set, one at each rarity. But no matter the color or rarity, every kicker card in the set has something in common - paying the kicker cost doesn't increase the effect, it completely changes it!


Flip cards are also back, to power a unique set of dual lands!


Accompanying morph in the set is a brand new variant called Spellmorph. Spellmorph allows you to play instants and sorceries as colorless, face-down 2/2 creatures, and pay a cost later to turn them face-up and place them on the stack for their effect.


Spellmorph even comes on a cycle of charms, for even more options!


Another new mechanic in the set is Jynx. Jynx allows you to discard cards in your hand to have an effect on other cards on the battlefield with the same name as the discard card. Some let you boost your own creatures, others let you sabotage your opponent's creatures. Should you play that creature in your hand, or discard it for an effect?


And as always, every set needs a few weird rares for Johnny!


Enigma.mse-set [17.11 KiB]
Downloaded 143 times

Enigma [7.45 MiB]
Downloaded 148 times

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