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 Post subject: Husk
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:40 am 
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This thread is for showing my third custom set, Husk.

Set Information

Central Theme, In One Word: Manaless
New Mechanics: Progression, Mill, Decay, Forget

Last Official Set Prior: Eventide
Date Started: August 4th, 2008
Date Finished: June 10th, 2009
First Official Set After: Magic 2010
Set Size: 45
Set Symbol:

Original Discussion:
Art?: None.
Playtesting?: None.
Templates Used: Modern, Modern Extra, Modern Tokens, Rules Tips

Developer Commentary: Husk is the first set after my switch to designing mini-sets. Mini-sets are meant to be small, 45-60 card bite size representations of a plane. They are quick experiences, not meant to be as involved as full size sets. They enable experimentation with themes that perhaps are not fit to fill a full 180 or more card set.

Card Showcases:

The central theme of the set is "no mana". That is, Husk is a plane without any mana. When the mana ran out, each color had to find a new resource - a new way to survive.

White has learned to survive by strictly regimenting its actions. There is a time for every spell, and each spell falls in a strict progression.


Blue is surviving by milling away its sanity, and giving up time later for time now. Afterall, what good is a combat phase or a draw step after you're already dead?


To help stave off the insanity caused by milling, blue has an artifact to help refill its library.


Black survives by forgetting the problems that ail it, and focusing on what matters in the here and now.


Red mages on Husk power their spells through ritual sacrifice. The more blood spilled, the more powerful the spell.


The only land in the set has been designed to help offset the enormous card disadvantage of sacrificing your permanents to power your spells.


On Husk, green makes ends meet by reusing the nutrients locked up in those that have passed and are decaying.


Husk.mse-set [36.08 KiB]
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Husk [1.9 MiB]
Downloaded 51 times

Odds of Dying - 1:1
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