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PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:15 am 
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Currently, I am working on entering all templates currently available into a SVN repository housed at sourceforge. This will mean that an individual desiring to work with the templates or an end-user wanting bleeding edge versions of templates could access them using SVN. This post will discuss the reasons why a user might want to do this, the drawbacks of doing so, and also how a user would go about downloading the template collection via SVN.

Why would I want to download the templates via SVN?
  • Because it will quickly give you access to all of the templates without handling multiple zips and/or installer files.
  • Because the templates downloaded are more likely to be "bleeding edge", featuring updates or new templates that have not been put into the released files.
  • Because with two mouse clicks, a user could quickly update all of their templates.
  • If you wish to develop on the templates, this will give you a more complete look at them as a whole.

What are the drawbacks of downloading the templates via SVN?
  • Unintuitively, downloading the templates via SVN actually discourages self-editing because it can cause conflicts when you try to update from the repository. Thus, if you wish to self-edit your templates, you will also need to be very computer literate for this method of download.
  • Because the templates are "bleeding edge", they are also more likely to contain bugs and errors.
  • It means having EVERY template installed, unless you are computer literate enough to pick and choose, which is possible.
  • It requires the installation of an additional program, TortoiseSVN.

What templates are included?
  • You can browse the templates, and even download a "snapshot" including all of the code, here.

Can I install templates that aren't in the SVN repository?
  • Absolutely! In fact, many official templates are not yet in the repository, although they will be eventually.

How do I download the templates via SVN?
  • First, you need to download and install TortoiseSVN. I am using version 1.6.12 and will be providing instructions for that version, but the current version is 1.8.0. Hopefully they will match up well. :) If they don't, let me know.
  • If you don't already have MSE installed, download and install it. Just get the small installer, as you're going to replace every template anyway. You may also wish to install it somewhere other than your Program Files directory to avoid pesky Windows Administrator Action requests.
  • Once MSE is installed, navigate to your MSE root directory, open your data folder, and copy the entire contents of it into a new folder somewhere else, perhaps in your Documents or on your Desktop. Yes, the entire contents. Then back out to your root directory.
  • Right click on the data folder, and choose "SVN Checkout..." A dialog should open.
  • For URL of repository, input "svn://", and hit Ok. This will start the actual download, which could take awhile. But when finished, you'll have all of the templates.
  • For any missing official templates, find and copy them from the folder you created earlier into your data folder.

How do I update the templates once they're downloaded?
  • Navigate to your MSE root directory.
  • Right click on your data folder and choose "SVN Update". All of your SVN templates will now automatically be updated. This will not affect any non-SVN templates you've installed. Also note that if you've deleted any SVN templates, this will restore them. If you've edited your SVN templates, this will cause them to have conflicts.

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